Tech Support For Businesses

IT and AV services in metropolitan Melbourne

Education & Corporate Specialists

Computers, software, networks, infrastructure and everything required for the modern-day thriving business is all looked after in our managed IT services.

Audio Visual Experts

Stimulate the eyes and ears of your audience with a professional ICT set-up to produce the best presentations for your work place or intended AV space.

Our Aim

What We Want For Our Clients

1 We want your relationship with us to feel good, so you are comfortable reaching out to us and feel well looked after

2 We want our solutions to make your life easier and help your company embrace technology

3 We want to offer you technical solutions that improve your tech and processes

4 We want you to feel confident that your technological needs are being met with a high level of expertise and accuracy

Who We Help

Business & Education

Small Businesses

We make your life easier by taking the tech stress out of the equation. We handle your technical business needs while your business concentrates on what it does best.


Capitalise on the learning environments for staff and students by letting us equip you with the latest tools to thrive in an ever advancing technological society.

What We Do

Our scope of works covers a comprehensive range of services that can solve more than one or two of your tech problems!

Managed I.T. Services

This is all about simplifying and streamlining your business’s technological management. Less hassle, more productivity.

Wi-Fi & Networking

Reliable and scalable networking infrastructure is crucial in order to minimise any disruption so that your business keeps running smoothly 24/7.

Electrical Safety Compliance

We are fully certified to carry out power lead testing & tagging as well as safety switch and emergency light testing, ensuring your workplace is safe.

Hardware & Repairs

Our services are centred around supporting your hardware and ensuring everything is set-up correctly to maximise your usage.

Audio-Visual Services

We provide a comprehensive range of audio-visual services to meet your needs, ranging from basic to specialised audio systems.

On-site Support

If you prefer we come to you and maintain your technological equipment on a regular basis, then you will see us regularly.

Remote Services

Get friendly help when you’re stuck by sending a request through and we’ll remote in or call you when you need your tech sorted out.

Cloud Services

Access your files and share resources wherever you are with the convenience, flexibility and increased productivity of cloud computing (internet based solutions).

Product Enquiries

If you’re in need of any tech products we can source this for your business at a competitive price.

What We Care About

Reasons to choose to us

  1. When we encounter a problem, we solve it. We don’t give up.
  2. High level of specialist knowledge for a wide array of AV & I.T tech requirements
  3. We are consistent with our service, our people and account management
  4. We prioritise a healthy relationship with you, not just a business agreement
  5. Continuous research and development with the products we recommend
  6. Ongoing staff training to keep abreast of tech trends and further expertise
  7. We know we deliver a great service because our clients choose to stay with us year after year


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